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FORT Review aims to strike a finer balance between timely and timeless ideas by producing cutting edge thought-leadership pieces. Each edition features twelve new contributors from the FORT team as well as selected external stakeholders, and culminates in an annual event with panel discussions.

Top Up, Tap In: The Secret to 24/7 Creativity

Leigh Andrews | 28.3.2019

isiXhosa asitolikwa

Suhana Gordhan | 22.3.2019

Here’s What You Don’t Know

Chet Callahan | 8.3.2019


Nonhlanhla Dladla | 4.3.2019

Whose influencer is it, anyway?

Lazarus Mathebula | 22.2.2019

The Wildest Ride of Your Life

Fatima Ouanssaidi | 8.11.2018

You Shoot Like a Boy

Mo Matli | 25.10.2018

Claim Your Seat at the Table

Sihle Maake | 11.10.2018

African Dreams & Digital Realities

Kabelo Moshapalo | 27.9.2018

Future by Design

Jana van Onselen | 13.9.2018

Entertainers Are Fools

Shilo Maloney | 30.8.2018

Nimble by Design: Creative Leadership in the Digital Age

Verusha Maharaj | 16.8.2018

This Art is Not For Sale

Diona Stevic-Marinko | 2.8.2018

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The Purpose-Driven Brand

Romy Townsend | 25.8.2017

On the contrary, we ARE saving lives.

Annie Raman | 14.7.2017

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Vahith Baliram | 23.6.2017

The Black Voice in Advertising

Neo Makongoza | 19.6.2017

Erotic Capital

Marea Lewis | 8.6.2017

Urban Culture: The Underrated Powerhouse

Mimi Thabethe | 19.5.2017

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Anelisa Mangcu | 15.5.2017

Is Your Company Future-Proof?

Andrina Moodley | 5.5.2017

Nothing Good Ever Happens After 2am

Robyn Oettlé | 26.4.2017

Crashing the Party: Why Challenger Brands Keep On Winning.

Mikhaila Hunter | 21.4.2017

The Fundamentals of Design

Anika Vos | 10.4.2017

A Kaleidoscope of Emotion

Tanya Das Neves | 31.3.2017

Ready Player One

Juliet Biden | 22.10.2016

Shake the Trees: Skip the Ads and Start Telling Stories

Auryn Hiscock | 22.9.2016

Finding Loyal Cheaters

Simon Morgan | 22.8.2016

Hybrid Theory

Craig February | 22.7.2016

Fortune Favours the Bold

Calvin Bruce | 22.6.2016

Life in Motion: A Frank Look at Modern Advertising

Frank Liebenberg | 22.5.2016

Move Over Old-Timer, Here Comes Little Dicky.

Thomas-Christopher Countee | 22.4.2016

Creative Warfare

Thandokazi Hlwatika | 22.3.2016

Fantastic Frames and How to Fill Them

Greg Swanson | 22.2.2016

Generation Me: An Exploration of SA Youth Culture.

Annie Raman | 22.1.2016

Tailoring Conversations and the Role of Influencers

Nadia vd Merwe | 22.11.2015

Herding Cats: Managing Creativity

Robyn Oettlé | 22.10.2015

This is Not a Title: The Signifier & The Signified

Anika Vos | 22.9.2015

Excellence in a Time of Plenty

Amr Singh | 22.8.2015

The Creativity Gap

Auryn Hiscock | 22.7.2015