Amr Singh

Amr Singh proves time and time again why he is one of the premier commercial directors on the continent. Awards and international recognition are a product of his people centric approach to each project creating captivating and memorable content.

Greg Swanson

With his finger on the pulse of comedic trends and experience in the field of humorous commercials, Greg consistently produces content that makes brands unforgettable. With a background in advertising, he will always prioritise the message.

Shilo Maloney

Shilo’s ability to tap into youth culture compliments his unparalleled filmmaking versatility to create a potentially influential voice for a creative South Africa.

Bongani Morgan

A product of modern African ambition, Bongani cut his teeth directing digital content all over the continent. His attention to story has seen him produce compelling pieces that always resonate with audiences.

Mo Matli

Apart from being one of the few South African female directors working today, Mo’s background in photography allows her to understand a concept through the perspective of the lens. She is able to transfer her authentically African personality to her work.