No longer are youth deemed irrational adolescents who have more to say than we have to do: We have a voice and we are not afraid to use it. This was not really recognised until the #FeesMustFall movement but yet, that was just the beginning. However, older citizens would beg to differ. For one, I know my mother would say, “There is power in silence.” But this silence is a culture today’s youth has no intention of following. We are breaking with stereotype, and challenging the status quo.


We are aware of the way the world turns to us for solutions to problems, particularly the advertising and marketing industry. From the fashion industry to the music industry itself, I am a proud supporter of individuality and creativity, especially when it is so rare in this day and age. Most people were trying to find their own identity by trying to be someone else, but no more! Our daring nature gives us an opportunity to play a role in this industry by allowing us to make changes in it. I can proudly say that I am also part of these game changers (poets, writers, artists, bloggers, you name it) who find comfort in standing out rather than fitting in. It is important to know that anybody can do it. We are all capable of being a part of something bigger than ourselves; we just have to tap into that potential. The daring, bold image that we are now identified with is a reflection of the advertising and marketing industry–colourful and extraordinary. We are now identified as forces to be reckoned with, which goes to show that our self-awareness is slowly giving rise to the change which we want to see.


“Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats the beauty and youth.” – Chanakya

As a LLB undergraduate, I am fortunate enough to have gotten through school, and now tertiary. I am a firm believer of education not because of my intellectual capabilities, but because nobody can ever take that away from you. Those who think that education is a school-based system are wrong because it has nothing to do with your environment: It is an opportunity to learn and it is completely up to you how you utilise such a tool. I cannot help but think that the advertising and marketing industry stimulates the importance of education as well. Marketing and advertising professions require interpersonal skills which experience alone cannot be relied upon. I, for one, would not have been able to be a part of a group of storytellers.


The advertising and marketing industry gives us a chance to tell our stories in a variety of ways–art being the most common. The beauty of art at face value plays a small role when compared to the way it is used to convey the strongest of messages. This is what our renaissance looks like, and as such, art galleries are one of my favourite places. When art is used to express our disregard for our political circumstances, the marketing and advertising industry takes our opinions into consideration and brings them alive. This helps us change the status quo, too. It is this very industry that keeps reminding us that different is not bad, bearing in mind that accepting who you are first is the key to letting the world accept you.

Silence should not be a culture but self-awareness should not be mistaken for arrogance. We hear and we listen to what society has to say but that does not mean we agree or accept its views.

Stan*- firm believer/supporter; used amongst the youth