South African Book Fair - #OurStories

Storytelling is a part of our rich heritage as Africans. Whether it’s recounting the events that have shaped us as a continent, reliving childhood memories or creating rich, fictional worlds beyond imagination, when there are lessons to be taught, values to be instilled or minds to be broadened, there is no more engaging format than a story. #OURSTORIES is the thematic essence of our creative and the starting point of a journey. In the same ways that a book comes to life depending on the reader, our creative comes to life in ways that reflect the imaginations, experiences and ultimately, the stories of our audience. So, we depict the stories told by using those who tell it.



Agency: FORT
Creative Director: Annie Raman, Anika Vos
Copywriter: Auryn Hiscock
Art Directors: Anika Vos
Graphic Designers: Anika Vos, Jeanette Engelbrecht, Thomas Hulett, Templeson Nkambule