Nandi Mngoma

How do you engage with an audience of millennials who choose to viewcontent on their terms? Television Commercials one could argue can become the background noise of contemporarypopular culture. Like fashion, however, music and music videos shape it.

Designed to engage directly with young, urban women, this music video offers the viewer a visually dynamic showcase of LEGiT’s summer range. Edgy, humorous and sexy, we join Nandi Mngoma as she begins a seemingly fool-hardy foray into Speed Dating. The music video was filmed at Johannesburg City Hall by Devin Toselli on the Arri Alexa, with Cooke Anamorphics.


Agency: Black River FC
Creative Director: Ahmed Tilly


Production: Fort
Director: Amr Singh
Executive Producer: Shukri Toefy
Producer: Craig February
Director of Photography: Devin Toselli


Post-House: Fort
Editor: Tshepo Dladla


Colour: Pudding
Colourist: Craig Simonetti