Together We Can


in Africa

The Campaign

On 2 February 2017 Fort launched #CREATEMOVEMENT, a campaign that aims to bring attention to and start a conversation around decolonising the African creative economy, starting a new narrative, and developing a generation of storytellers, culminating in a campaign video filmed at the event itself.

About the Movement

Shukri Toefy Fort CEO on the #CreateMovement Campaign

Shukri Toefy Fort CEO on Fort's Shared Prosperity Model

Amr Singh Fort Chief Creative Officer on the #CreateMovement Campaign Video

Alison Ngubini Fort East African CEO On Fort's Global Network

Giving Back

Guests at Fort's global network launch had the opportunity to leave a personal message of inspiration, wisdom, or a life lesson in a workbook that will be used by a young storyteller in Fort Talent Lab workshops, training sessions, and leadership programmes.